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Seafood Salad and Sardines from Cetara

The city of Cetara is located between the cities of “Vietri sul Mare” and Maiori, it is an authentic fishing village that has kept its simple and cordial air. It has an ancient tradition of fishing, especially tuna, in fact, Cetara is derived from the […]

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Spaghetti with Mussels and Clams

As for many Italian dishes, the quality of the ingredients that go into the dish are critical to the quality of the dish itself. Use best quality, imported spaghetti—nothing ruins this dish like mushy pasta! The oil should be the deep green, fruity kind. The […]

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Fusilli from Felitto

When most people think of fusilli, they think of the short, spiral-shaped pasta found commonly in the supermarket. But in the southern Italian tradition, particularly in Campania, fusillo is a pasta belonging to the maccaruni pertusati family of noodles with a hole in the middle […]

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The Perfect Pizza Margherita

Although extremely good pizzas or ‘pizze’ can be found outside of Naples, you should keep this to yourself when you visit the city. According to tradition, a real pizza must use a base of flour mixed with water from the ‘Serino‘ which passes through Naples, […]

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