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At 6 a.m. one day in mid-August, I excitedly pushed to open out the door, tiptoeing out into the street. It was early dawn and the early morning dew was still cold. The streets were deserted, different from the bustling daytime scene in this Amalfi region. In this article I will share with you my experiences when visiting this legendary coastal region. So, what to do in Amalfi Coast and how to travel around the Amalfi Coast for the first-time? Let’s check out my Amalfi Coast travel blog (Amalfi Coast blog) and Amalfi Coast review with the fullest Amalfi Coast travel guide (Amalfi Coast guide, Amalfi Coast tourist guide) from how to get to Amalfi Coast, best time to come, where to stay, best place to visit on the Amalfi Coast, best way to travel the Amalfi Coast, what to eat and top things to do in Amalfi Coast to find out the answer! WEB SITE